Adaptive simulation for deformable object using Level Of Detail

Researched by CHOI, Yoo-Joo


This research focuses on a multi-resolutional surface deformable model with physical properties adjustment scheme and shape-preserving spring to represent surface deformable objects efficiently and robustly. To reduce the computational complexity while ensuring the same global volumetric behaviour for the deformable object, we introduce a multi-resolutional mass-spring model that is locally refined using the modified-butterfly interpolation subdivision scheme. For robust deformation, a shape-preserving spring is proposed which reduces animation instability by adding volumetric information to the surface model. Most existing methods concentrate on visual realism of multi-resolutional deformation and often neglect to maintain the dynamic behavioural integrity between detail levels. In this reserach, a new adjustment scheme of physical properties between different levels of details in order to preserve overall physical behaviour is proposed. During the animation of deformable objects, the part of the object under external forces beyond threshold or with large surface curvature variations is refined with a higher level of detail and the physical properties of nodes and springs in the locally refined area are adjusted in order to preserve the total mass and global behaviour of the object. The adequacy of the proposed scheme is analysed with tests of practical mesh examples. Experimental results demonstrate improved preservation of overall behaviour between different levels and efficiency in object deformation.


Globally Coarse Model            Globally Dense model        Adaptive Deformatiusing LOD



(a) Model without shape-preserving spring.



(b) Model with shape-preserving spring.

Comparison of mass-spring models with and without shape-preserving spring.


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