WebXR을 이용한 가상공연장 구축

다원예술공연 연 II :  공연총감독 : NMARA 김경미대표  /  작곡 : 조진옥 / 360 VR 영상 촬영 및 편집: 강지영 / 3D 모델링 : 조수진 / Project Coordniator : 박하영 / 무용 : 박선화,송예슬,신유진 / 동적프로젝션매핑 및 WebXR기술개발 최유주, 김태원, 양지현

Computer Graphics 

001Website Design for Efficient Delivery of Protein Drug Information
titlePrism-based Mesh Culling Method for Effective Continuous Collision Detection
research005Reconstruction and Virtual Navigation of Carotid Artery based on Ultrasound Volume Data
research003Adaptive simulation for deformable object using Level Of Detail
research002Fast Pairwise Collision Detection of Triangular Meshes Using GPUs
 globalRarity-basedMeshSaliencyGlobal Rarity-based Mesh Saliency


Image Processing

000Retrieval of Identical Clothing Images Based on Non-Static Color Histogram AnalysisSmart Surveillance System
research007Robust Face Detection Regardless of Camera Viewing Direction
research004Multi-Modality Medical Image Registration and Hippocampus Visualization
research006Grid-Based Approach for Detecting Head and Hand Regions
 9_지능형보행자검색기Intelligent Person Retriever

Human-Computer Interaction

research009Design of Vision-based Interaction Tool for 3D Interaction in Desktop Environment
research008Efficient Hand-Pose Recognition using Multi_Class SVM
 Tangible Interface : Smart Bellbg14
 Interactive Shadow InterativeShadowWallPainting Wall.


Projection Mapping

프로젝션 매핑 결과Vision-based Projection Mapping Tool

MultipleVideoProjectionMapping Multiple-Video Projection Mapping on Multiple Planes
HCI-K 2017, Creative Award HCI-K 2017, Creative Award
DynamicProjectionMappingDynamic Projection Mapping based  Skeleton Tracking
장풍_유진Dynamic Projection Mapping combined with Gesture Recognition

Interactive Media Art using Physics-based Simulation


Rain Poem 





Visual Object Tracking

TargetModelUpdateA Target Model Construction Algorithm for Robust Real-Time Mean-Shift Tracking
Object Scale EstimationObject Scale Estimation in Mean-shift Tracking with Background Weighted Histogram

Mobile Augmented Reality

12_AR_낱말찾기기차놀이Mobile AR Content : Word Train
12_MobileARContentBuilder(MARB)Mobile AR Content Builder
12_Wind-Cloth SimulationWind-Cloth Simulation

Mobile Interface


User Centric uT-Interface